lunedì 22 luglio 2013

Recensioni di "Inattuale"

Zenit’s ‘Inattuale’ maintains a rather playful attitude throughout these three brief songs. Use of electronics is done effectively. Flexibility is practiced. At one moment rather low-key, the next employing rather heavy dollops of volume, ‘Inattuale’ always feels perfectly comfortable. This is an EP about a certain degree of tenderness. Vocals add to this mellow feeling. Even at its most intense it remains poppy, quite catchy in fact. ‘Inattuale’ is a testament to how such a unified approach can work wonderfully.
Things start off with a sweet breezy easiness. At times the song appears to resemble the laid-back calm of summertime. By the end it drifts off into an extended spacey instrumental with the vocalists remaining completely silent. Parts of ‘Pharmakon’ are reminiscent of Stereolab’s efforts with 60s pop. Of course the organ is responsible for part of this loopy quality. It is one of the quieter tracks with plenty of nearly silent moments. Veering between full-on drums blasting and the quiet organ backing, it manages to successfully integrate both approaches into the song.
‘Via Antica della Chinisa’ finishes off the EP quite nicely. Here the electronics tend to overwhelm everything else. Slinky programmed drums attempt to keep rhythm yet they serve more as ornamentation than anything else. Guitars barely get any attention for the first half before they eventually overpower everything else. The rest of the band comes in to try and overwhelm the electronic flourishes leading up to a dreamy finale. Zenit does a good job of remaining oddly playful on ‘Inattuale’. (Beach Sloth)

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